Work With Me

You want to work with me? Great!

Remember that therapy and working on yourself or your business, is a valuable investment.

It takes hard work, time and money and you must be ready to take this step. Being committed, ensures you get the most out of your therapeutic experience and ultimately make changes.

The commitment that I ask for, is mirrored back to you in the way I work. I hold a small caseload and am passionate in helping you achieve the outcomes you seek. We will work together weekly and build a therapeutic relationship that is grounded in trust and often involves hard conversations.

Good therapy is as much to do with what you do out-with the therapy space as what you do within it. Initial enquiries should always be made by the person who wishes to engage in therapy. This is best for successful outcomes of the work.

If you think you are ready to

level up and do
the work

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email here to get started.