My grief is the past,

Memories of our meeting, so many years ago.

Our hopes and dreams that we talked of into quiet nights.

All the firsts.

Choosing each other and building a life.

Having children and watching them grow.

My grief is for a future unlived.

A beach in Australia where we would have walked and swum and lived.

The house we never bought,

And holiday’s we will never take.

The achievements of our children, which now you will not see.

It is our son’s playing football and showing skill that didn’t come from me,

And the tears of our daughter as she tells of how much her heart misses yours.

The dread of forgetting; losing proximity with each passing day.

All the words spoken between us,

A look of love,

A look of hope,

A look of despair.

Holding your hand as you left for the last time…

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