How I Work

When you get in touch

We will arrange a free 15 minute call

where we can discuss both your difficulties and goals for therapy and schedule an initial session.

This session allows me to gain a deeper understanding of your needs. Your relationship with your therapist is extremely important and this session offers you an opportunity to get a feel for therapist ‘fit’. Ongoing sessions are offered in blocks of 4 or 8 sessions.

I work relationally. This means I am predominantly interested in identifying limiting relational patterns that are preventing you from feeling fulfilled in your life. This work will deepen your awareness and understanding of how and why these patterns have developed and been maintained across your lifetime.

Relational therapy can be challenging

and you will be challenged.

It is important that you are fully signed up before you embark on this type of work.

Allowing you to process the emotions

Surrounding past traumatic events

and make decisions about how things will be different in the future, is also a key focus.

If you believe it would help to

Understand your relational patterns

to make psychologically informed changes in your life,

I'm waiting for your enquiry.